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Basic navigation

To navigate within the angelscripts, there are one-letter commands. The one-letter commands are basically links to the program angel itself. Beside the numbers (see above), there are the following one-letter commands:


go up one level (previous directory)

b f

All angels called are stored in a log file or history. 'b' will go backward in the history, f will go forward.


Restores the screen, i.e. prints last angel used again.

n p

To navigate easily through a directory, there is n and p. 'n' will start with the first angel and display every (next) angel in a directory omitting subdirectories. 'p' will show the previous angel. It is a convenient way to get an overview of all angels in a directory.

q z h x

This commands toggle different flags:


highlights a-variable values.


shows or hides the commands within an angel-command, if the angel-command has a title. It the angel-command has no title, there is no effect.


toggles between angel-variable and their value, respectively.


shows/hides files included with the "{{@file:"-statement.