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angel [path]

The base program. Invoke with a pathname do display an angel directly or display a folder's content.

angel -f param param...

search for param in title, file name and tags. Multiple arguments are possible.All arguments have to fit (AND).

angel -F param ...

Full-text search. Not yet implemented

angel -r <reference>

move to reference (uuid) 

angel -x file

treat file as an angel to display (for angels not in the angel directory )

angel -u <url>

Download angel with URL <url>. The angel on the remote host is in tar.gz. format and will be unpacked into the 'imported' folder in the angel base directory.

1, 2, 3, ..

Numbers are commands(!) to be used to choose in a selection directly from the console. (e.g. type 12[enter]. Numbers 1 to 32 are used by default, if more are needed they are added on-the-fly (and stay!)


back: show previous angel


forward: move to next angel (only after b)


up one level: move one level up


renew screen: display last angel again


show next angel in this folder (to quickly see the angels)


show previous angel in this folder


toggle between showing the commands of an angel-command or just the title. If there is no title, the commands are shown.


highlight variable values on/off


toggle between showing the content of the file or the a-variable instead

angel --create-index [-r] <path>

Developer: create new `.index.txt' file. Has to be run after any change in the basedir

angel -i

turn off one letter commands. Helpful to clean up too many one-letter commands created on-the-fly.