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The @-statements are:


ask statement: prompts for an input from the user


includes a file 'as a file'


sources a file within the angel

1) Ask statement (@?)

See before

2) Include files (@file-statement)



The include-statement will include a file exactly at the location of the curly braces without a new line before or after.

If the path is relative, angelscripts assumes that the file is located in '$ANSWERDIR' (to easily include output from the pre-command section).

3) Source files (@include-statement)



Sourcing a file will make the file part of the angel as if it were the angel itself. Sourcing allows to create angel-commands on-the-fly within the angel. E.g. an a-command can create more a-commands after prompting the user for some input. This is a rather advanced options, but allows for amazing complexity...