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$ANGELPATH and hidden files

All angels are stored in a folder (or subfolder of) $ANGELPATH. Angels have the extension '.ngl'. Folders do not have any extensions. The information for angel-folders is stored in a hidden file '.directory.ngl'. It is equivalent to the header of an angel (see header).

The '.index.txt' file is an index for the current directory used when an angel-directory is displayed. The index file is also used for search and for find a angel by reference.

Whenever an angel is added or its header information changed, the index file has to be updated.

Hidden files:


This file stores values for directories like the exactly like header for an angelfile. The variable 'FILE' is has to be set to 'directory'


The index file. Angelscripts does not check a directory for angels but looks at the index-file. The index files are also used for search purposes. Index files are created with 'angel –create-index <FULLPATH>.